Monday, July 16, 2012

AAHRPP Welcomes Summer Korean Fellows

The two-month fellowship is a collaborative effort of AAHRPP and the Korean Association of IRBs (KAIRB). The training program supports two fellows from the field of human research protection to work with staff at AAHRPP to learn how to build their own human research protection programs (HRPPs). Fellows will explore how to initiate quality improvement programs that enhance protections for participants, as well as how to meet the AAHRPP-accreditation standards.

“The concept of ‘shared responsibility’ and expanding from a focus solely on the IRB to an organization-wide HRPP is becoming widely accepted in South Korea,” explains Sarah Kiskaddon. “Koreans are eager to see U.S. models that achieve high performance standards for their HRPPs. We are training professionals who can share their knowledge with other organizations at home.”

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